poetry/prose by Calvero.

Why tumblr is bullshit… 

I posted a poem I was really proud of. Then I posted some bullshit, positive-frame of mind quote that I pulled from outta my ass. Check out the tags though… 

And guess which one has more notes. The poem about learning to love yourself or the short, quick to the point-quote that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside because that’s all people want on this site.

Not art.

Just quick, flashy, cliche bullshit that takes no thought at all to process.

I’m wasting my life.

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  6. iwaspoemed said: You’re not wasting your life. You’re embracing diversity.
  7. shutterdove said: I think sometimes people don’t want to spend time to read the long stuff, so the short stuff gets more notes because it’s easy to read while scrolling by. =/
  8. everythingallofit said: I think everything you write it beautiful. Don’t let people’s ignorance ruin your passion. The world is plastic.
  9. shareoin said: Fucking exactly. The fluffy shit gets recognized and the darker stuff that takes actual effort is completely ignored. Jfc.
  10. prism-info said: tumblr needs a few more old people imho (just a few!)